Corsican recipes: the specialities of the Corsican kitchen

The culinary specialties of the island of beauty are no longer presented, between the excellent quality of its local products and its traditional cuisine, Corsica is a gastronomic paradise! Corsican cuisine is transmitted from generation to generation, it is a know-how and a history that is worth the detour! We have therefore chosen to share with you the best Corsican recipes which have been unanimously acclaimed by connoisseurs and fine gourmets. This said, I reassure you, the Corsican recipes are very simple to realize, I thus invite you to make the turn of our recipes to know all the savours of them.

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Starters and traditional dishes Corsica

Between the products of the sea, the mountains and the richness of the maquis, Corsica has enough to elaborate many recipes and to realize delicious dishes. Made from seasonal products: cold meats, cheeses, meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, honeys, herbs... Corsican recipes are incredibly rich.

And not to mention just one dish (eggplants à la bonifacienne, veal with olives, polenta, wild boar stew, migliacci, storzapretti ...) and leave you on your hunger, I invite you to take a look at the Corsican recipes that we offer. And if not right away the dessert!

Corsican desserts

Would you like a small dessert to finish the meal? Once again Corsica has arguments and not only a little, Corsican desserts are authentic, simple and fresh, real sweets. As for the dishes, they are elaborated from seasonal products, so each season has its own desserts, and we have a good reason to treat ourselves!

Through the fiadone, the canistrelli, the ambrucciata, the frappes, the brocciu doughnuts, or the chestnut-based preparations, the minnà knows what she is talking about. Imagine those delicious pastries coming out of your oven, that smell perfuming the whole room, that color that tells us in a low voice, you will enjoy it! Well I stop here, I'm getting hungry, and you?