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Wearing the eye of Saint Lucia keeps the evil eye away, brings luck, happiness and self-confidence. And luckily our pendants, as well as our bracelets, rings and earrings will also make perfect jewellery. Two birds with one stone!

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But what is the eye of Saint Lucia?

The eye of Saint Lucia is originally the operculum of a shellfish called "Turbo Rugueux" or "Biou" found on some beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, but it can also come from the "Turbo lisse" found in warmer seas (cousin of the Mediterranean eye of Saint Lucia). It is composed of two faces, one drawing a spiral and the other colored with a pearly orange or greenish color depending on the type of operculum.

The eyes of Saint Lucy, the legend!

A young girl named Lucy prayed to the Virgin Mary to obtain the cure of her mother suffering from a serious illness. And by dint of her prayers, the miracle happened. In gratitude, it is said that she tore out her eyes and threw them into the sea so as not to be diverted from her unconditional faith that she now carries towards the Virgin Mary. Because of her devotion, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave her back her sight and beautiful eyes.