Corsica Cheeses

Discover our Corsican cheeses from the Pierucci cheese dairy, these delicious Corsican goat and Corsican ewe's milk cheeses! The flavour of our cheeses comes from the rich and natural diet of our mountains, the milk is thus of exceptional quality. The maturing process will reveal unique aromas to each cheese (3 to 8 months).

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Pierucci Cheese Dairy, the Corsican producer

Born into a family of Corsican shepherds, the Pierucci family has retained traditional know-how for more than three generations. Today it is a company that has been able to combine modernity and tradition to provide you with quality products.

CorseBoutique presents you its range of Corsican cheese of the Pierucci cheese dairy: Ewe's cheese U Pecurinu, Goat's cheese A Casinca, Corsican Tomme with Pietra beer, Tomme U Pecurinu, Tomme of ewe and goat. These are not to be missed!

The tasting, a taste of the scrubland

You can taste these cheeses on a good farmhouse bread and if you have time and desire, why not make bruschetta? Accompanied by fresh vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, olive oil...) and coppa or lonzu, it's a delight! Believe me, we are no longer talking about taste but about seduction.