Corsica Chocolate Spreads

Corsican chocolate spread is well known to Nutella lovers who are looking for an equivalent product, but of better quality, in terms of taste, but also in order to consume a chocolate spread without palm oil. Whether on bread, pancakes or with a spoon, once you start, you can't stop.

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The famous Corsican Nutella, one of the most famous chocolate spreads without palm oil in Corsica, with its 34% of Cervioni hazelnuts, its selected cocoa and its cane sugar from fair trade, Nuciola is surely the best chocolate and hazelnut spread in the world.

Nucellina Marsini

The Nuccellina Marsini is also exceptional, a chocolate spread with lightly roasted hazelnuts mixed with good cocoa (fairtrade) and milk, making it an exceptional Corsican product. Gluten free, palm oil free, GMO free and made with cane sugar only. What else ?

Nocetta Agostini

The Nocetta Agostini, it is not less than 50 % of hazelnuts IGP Corsica, what makes a chocolate spread with a very marked taste in hazelnut. Smooth, frank, without palm oil, this spread is really worth the detour.