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Originally from Corsica, a visitor charmed by the island of beauty or a future host impatient to discover the wonders of nature and the maquis, you sometimes feel like enjoying the inimitable flavours of the Corsican soil, regional products of which only Corsican gastronomy has the secret...

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  • Panzetta


    Composition: Pork belly, salt, pepper, then slightly smoked.

    Weight: ~400g

    Fresh product vacuum packed for a better conservation.

  • Wild boar sausage

    Composition: Wild boar meat 50%, pork lean and fat, salt, spices, sugar, preservatives, flavourings.

    Weight: between 250g and...

  • Coppa


    Artisanal coppa, lightly smoked over beechwood and matured in our cellars for several months. Vacuum-packed for...

  • Corsican sausage

    Artisanal Corsican sausage made exclusively from Corsican pork. Lightly smoked over a wood fire, then matured in a cellar for several months....

  • Lonzu


    The product is placed in a natural casing, then steamed and smoked over beechwood.

  • Figatelli-Figatellu...

    le Figatellu (Fresh) Le figatellu (plural figatelli)

    U-shaped product, dried at temperature or smoked over beech wood.

Corsica, excellence in charcuterie

On this site of on-line sale, we propose you real traditional and artisanal Corsican pork-butchery made in the heart of the mountain of the Corsican center. Of an irreproachable quality, it is manufactured in a traditional way in workshops (approved by the C.E.E.) located in the heart of Castagniccia. The figatelli, the sausages (pork or wild boar), the coppa, the lonzu, the prisuttu, the panzetta are smoked with chestnut wood fire in the Fucone (traditional smokehouse) continuously for three or four days, then put to dry several weeks in airy cellars to obtain an ideal maturity.

Corsican charcuterie, an authentic Corsican product

How not to salivate when listening to these names evocative of tradition, know-how and taste? Figatelli, Lonzu, Panzetta, Coppa, Prisuttu, ... Corsica is traditionally the producer of a large number of varieties of artisanal charcuterie, which are suitable for all tastes and all tasting methods. Some specialties are unique and inimitable, such as figatelli, sausages made from lean meat and pork liver, but especially from the richest piece of blood, the liver (the word "figatellu" contains the word "fegatu", meaning liver).

The lonzu, as for him, is very appreciated for its lean character, because it is taken from the net of the pig; the coppa, it, is a Corsican pork-butchery very close to the lonzu, but differs from it by its origin (loin). And the amateurs of Corsican pork-butchery will not fail to savour the famous prisuttu, ham without Corsican bone, which owes its single savour with its technique of drying and the spices entering the recipe of its development, but especially with the quality of the Corsican pigs, muscular and fed with chestnuts.

Gastronomy, sun and Corsican soil

It is all the more pleasant, in the monotony of a daily life where the lack of sunshine is cruelly felt, to open an excellent Corsican ewe or goat cheese, to savor a piece of it on a slice of fresh bread, and to go out in the sun while closing your eyes, to feel the herbs of the scrubland and the caress of the Mediterranean wind! Accompanied by the excellent artisanal Corsican charcuterie of our island of beauty: Figatelli, figatellu, Corsican sausage, wild boar sausage, lonzu, panzetta, prisuttu, coppa... You will not be disappointed, that's for sure! To guarantee you an optimal conservation all our Corsican charcuteries are vacuum-packed for transport.