Corsican Chestnut Flour PDO / ORGANIC

Gluten-free and rich in fiber, the Corsican chestnut flour is used for a multitude of culinary preparations. It is mainly used in the elaboration of the famous Corsican polenta, but also in pancakes or gingerbread... You will have understood, the chestnut flour is an exceptional product, appreciated for its delicately woody and slightly sweet taste.

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The Corsican chestnut

According to a famous Corsican proverb, it is said: "A chì un ni hà, un ni mangna. Sé tu voli a farina Va à coglia a castagna" / "He who has nothing does not eat. If you want flour, go pick chestnuts". Indeed, the chestnut was for a long time the basic food of the Corsican people, commonly called "the breadfruit tree", Pasquale Paoli said it himself: "As long as we have chestnuts, we will have bread".

Chestnut flour or wheat flour

The Corsican chestnut flour is an alternative to wheat flour, in the case, for example, of an intolerance to gluten. Moreover, it contains vitamins E and B, carbohydrates, fiber, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and very little fat. Only, that is too simple, the Corsican chestnut flour is delicious and can replace the wheat flour, but under certain measures.

Indeed, it is rather dense and not bread-making, it is thus necessary for certain preparations like the bread, to associate it with a lighter flour. You can therefore combine it with rice, millet or corn flour to allow your preparations to swell.

Rest assured, this is not always the case, it will be perfect for making many other recipes without other flours like the famous Corsican polenta.