Candied fruits of Corsica

The candied fruits of Corsica are of a greediness to cut you the breath, they will decorate your pastries or your desserts and will give them a savour that only Corsica can give them. Once again our craftsmen show their talent, and if you don't believe me, taste them!

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The confisage

Many fruits lend themselves perfectly to the confisage, such as the clementine, the orange, the lemon, the cherry or the cedrat. The main thing is in the selection of the fruits, of course the technique of confisage is important, but the fruit remains in the heart of the realization.

First, the fruit is prepared, blanched and rinsed to soften it and promote the penetration of sugar. We bathe the fruit in a sugar syrup around 60 ° C. After water-sugar balance, the fruit is then bathed in a second syrup more concentrated, and so on so that the concentration of sugar inside the fruit reaches the desired value. We obtain the candied fruit.

Depending on the size, nature, maturity, origin and whitening of the fruit, this process can be from a few days for small fruits to several days for large fruits.