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The Corsican flag, thanks to its history is an emblem known all over the world, symbol of strength and pride! In spite of that, no history or legend could be verified, the origin of the Corsican flag will keep its part of mystery !

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The Corsican flag, the stories of the Moorish head!

One finds several stories telling us the origin of the head of Moorish symbol of the Corsican flag. General Pascal Paoli, emblematic figure, chief general of the nation and general of the Corsican kingdom, would be at the origin of this flag. It is said by ancient Corsicans that in 1755, Pascal Paoli was the victim of an assassination attempt during a visit to the island. He was saved by one of these slaves called "Maure"; he intervened between the general and the murderer and died from a stab wound.

And it is thus that General Pascal Paoli decreed, in homage to his courage, that henceforth the emblem of Corsica will be the head of "Moor" dressed with a bandana on the forehead. He added that slaves will no longer sleep with the bandana over their eyes. It is also said in certain Corsican villages that this flag was created to signal the occupation of a village by the invaders. Another legend would like that after having beheaded their enemies, the head of Moor would be the symbol of the Corsican victory over their adversaries in order to discourage them.