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Corsica Jams (PDO / AOC)

Our jams are prepared with carefully selected, sweet and ripe fruit. They are then cooked according to traditional Corsican recipes in order to preserve their exceptional qualities and to elaborate tasty jams full of delicacies. Discover without further delay the Corsican extra jams "Orsini" and "Charles Antona".

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The specialties of Minnà

Minnà means "Grandmother" in Corsica, they are jams from organic farming without coloring, preservatives or artificial flavors, reminding us of the flavors of jams of yesteryear.

Jelly of arbutus and myrtle

Specialities of the Mediterranean regions, our jellies of arbouse and myrtle are prepared with wild berries of the scrubland and the Corsican forest. They will accompany deliciously all your breakfast sandwiches as well as the realization of your fruit tarts. The Arbutus and the Myrtle are also known for their therapeutic virtues.

  • Arbutus : Also called the strawberry tree, fruit very appreciated for their sweetness, rich in vitamin C.
  • Myrtle : Small Mediterranean shrub, fruits with juniper flavour and leaves with rosemary smell.