Corsican Nougats

The Corsican nougat, an irresistible texture and flavor, aromas specific to the island of beauty. Appreciated by the vacationers, the Corsican nougat is the ideal for a small sweetened pause or to make a gift to the most greedy. Declined in several flavors, the proposed nougat was chosen among the best of Corsica. Enjoy it !

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The French nougat

The nougat is a confectionery of the countries of the Mediterranean basin. In France, we have 4 kinds of nougat, that of Montélimar, Provence, Corsica and the Catalan touron. Heir of the Arabic nougat, it is generally composed of roasted almonds, pistachios, egg whites, sugar, glucose and honey.

Today, there are other places of manufacture in France of traditional and derived nougat. That it is soft or hard, white or black, the French nougat is a confectionery which knew to be exported by its quality and its greediness.

The excellence of the Corsican nougat

As usual Corsica knew how to distinguish itself by the quality and the perfume of its products for the confection of the traditional French nougat. Corsica remains the first almond producing region of France. Corsican almonds are cultivated in traditional or modern orchards, but grown in a reasoned manner. The honey of Corsica PDO is not any more to present, it is a honey of quality and well known by the amateurs. For the rest, everything is selected and realized according to the know-how of the Corsican nougat makers.

In Corsica, the nougat is also declined in numerous varieties, local flavors such as the nougat in the chestnut, the nougat in the clementine, the nougat in the citron, the nougat in the raspberries or the nougat in the orange peel candied...

You thus did not know it, but Corsica rages once again in the French culinary world with its nougat of an exceptional quality. It is a must of the Corsican confectionery, for the inhabitants of the island as for the holiday makers.