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Today, anxious to offer you the best of Corsican cuisine, Charles Antona offers you the new version of the brand to which he has given his name. Made without artificial colouring, preservatives or flavourings, the Charles Antona brand assures you of a recognised know-how, the heritage of centuries of culinary tradition. Our motto: respect traditions and offer irreproachable quality. "Charles Antona Corsica Gastronomia".

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Traditional and authentic Corsican soup

Nothing better than a good Corsican soup to warm up in this winter period! Creamy, light and greedy, our Corsican soups are made without coloring agents, preservatives or artificial flavours. Thanks to the mixtures of vegetables and natural aromatics, you will fill up with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients necessary to the organism. So, which Corsican soup would you like?

Charles Antona's cooked dishes, a recognized know-how

Whether it is the Corsican veal with olives, veal tripettes, beans or lentils with figatelli, Charles Antona comes from the best of Corsican cuisine. Ingredients meticulously chosen in order to respect the traditions and to offer an irreproachable quality. This unique taste, this authenticity is what makes the particularity of its cooked dishes. Between the artisanal and the culinary, they are the expression of a land, a perfume and a flavour.