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These jewels are made of real natural red coral coming directly from the Mediterranean Sea. Red Coral is not chemically treated and the only interventions are cutting and polishing. The possible imperfections (white spots, dark dots...) ensure the guarantee of an authentic product. Wearing a coral jewel is a way of asserting one's own identity and thus freeing oneself from classic and conventional codes.

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The red coral of the Mediterranean

The Red Coral (Corallium Rubrum) or Corsican Coral is a species emblematic of the rocky sea beds found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. There is a certain shade of color depending on the depth of the sea bed: orange red, dark red, very light red (pink), carmine red... More commonly known as Red Gold, it is used in jewelry to make sublime jewels. Precious and fascinating, Coral is regularly honored in the world of fashion and decoration.

From Greek mythology to today

The power of the Corsican coral has been known since antiquity, many peoples have idolized the red coral. From the protection of souls as a talisman to the prestigious ornament against the evil eye and its medicinal virtues, it has been attributed many properties and legends.

In Corsica, to protect newborns from the bad fate, the custom wants that one offers a hand in Corsican coral to him at his birth: "The hand Figa" At the Tibetans, the red coral is a crowned stone symbolizing "the energy of the vital force". It belongs to the seven jewels in Sino-Japanese Buddhism.

The Greek legend tells that in the past there were three sisters, the Gorgonians: Medusa, Euryale and Stheno. Medusa was the most beautiful of the three, with beautiful blue eyes and blond hair reminiscent of wheat fields. Poseidon, Greek god, fell in love with Medusa and made her spend a night in the temple of Athena. The goddess became angry and transformed Medusa into a hideous monster capable of turning anyone who looks at her into a stone statue. The young Perseus became evil and went to kill Medusa. It is said that the blood flowed and spilled into the sea, born the Red Coral.

Original, isn't it? Anyway, it has crossed the ages by these legends and still today many people think that it has properties and perpetuate their beliefs. It is even said that it would help for weight loss, would help fertility or would cure blood circulation disorders...