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Discover our Corsican knives, known as "shepherd's knives" "Stylet" or the "Vendetta", a true Corsican culture dating back to antiquity. Today, it is always useful to have it in your pocket in case of need (an unforeseen event and then it's settled!) and above all indispensable for cutting the figatellu as an aperitif.

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The Corsican cutlery, heiress of a long tradition

The Corsican knife was formerly essential to the everyday life, all the men had their own knives, they used them for the daily work, the basketry, the hunting and even to defend themselves. For lack of being able to have it made by a blacksmith for lack of money, men made their own knives.

Over time, the Corsican knife adapted itself according to the use and its history, influenced by the different peoples who lived on the island (Moorish, Saracen, Iberian or Italian). It is said that it was offered to the young boy as a sign of passage to adulthood, it was transmitted from generation to generation as an object of the family heritage. Nowadays, it is always useful to have it in your pocket in case of need (an unexpected event and it's settled!) and above all, to cut the figatellu as an aperitif.

The Corsican Stylus, the tool with the dagger

Initially, before even being called "Corsican stylus", it was a tool used by shoemakers and saddlers to pierce leather. Under the numerous occupations of the island, the carrying of the weapon was forbidden by the islanders, so the stylus was its appearance in the 16th century.

Resembling a dagger with one or two edges, it was used for hunting, as a military weapon and as a favorite of thugs wishing to settle their disputes. Later the stylus became popular and distinguished by its design in the 19th century. A precious object, it is found on the belt of both women and men in the most refined style.

The Corsican Vendetta knife, a legend

This knife very appreciated by the Corsicans for its solidity, its resistance and its elegance, was baptized by two Ajaccio merchants "Vendetta Corse", inspired by Italian knives. The Corsican Vendetta knife is more tapered than its colleague called "the shepherd's knife", its handle was in the past decorated with flowers and quotations of revenge were engraved on the blade (in Italian).

This knife had a phenomenal success, diffused worldwide as a Corsican knife but also as an object of decoration, the Corsican cutlers did not like it very much. Since, this time is over, the Corsican knife "Vendetta" was rehabilitated at the end of the 20th century, giving it back its letters of nobility by a design and a modernity of today. Formats of this artisanal Corsican knife: 20, 22 or 24cm. Handles: Olive wood / Genuine horn. Also find our U Corsu or U Montagnolu knives, for amateurs and collectors!