Corsican coffees

Like every morning, after lunch or after dinner, drinking a good coffee is a tradition for you. Our Corsican coffee is just what you need, a generous foam, character and a slight bitterness. Roasted on the island, the Corsican roasters have the art and the way to make the coffee break, everything but a break.

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Ground coffee

The ground Corsican coffee brings simplicity and efficiency, it offers a multitude of flavors and is suitable for all filter or Italian coffee machine extractions. Moreover, it is more economical and ecological than capsules, but it is advised to consume ground coffee quickly after opening in order not to lose flavor.

Coffee beans

Freshly ground Corsican coffee inevitably brings much more freshness, and therefore more aroma. You can grind it finely or coarsely depending on your coffee maker and your desire of the moment. It is also more economical and ecological than capsules, however its conservation is longer than ground coffee.

Arabica or Robusta?

It will depend on your taste, some like it fine and subtle, others more robust. Arabica is much more aromatic and fine in the mouth, more acidic and less bitter than Robusta. Nevertheless, Robusta brings creaminess, more body and intensity to Corsican coffee. That's why it is mainly used in a blend of Arabica, everything is a question of dosage and taste.