Corsica Pasta

But what would we do without a packet of pasta in our closet? To make a convivial meal, a gourmet and family dish, a pastasciutta? We have the product you need: "Les Pâtes Colomba". The range is only getting wider, new flavours will soon be available for sale.

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Our range of Corsican pasta with the effigy of Napoleon

You can enjoy them either as a main course or as an accompaniment to meat, game in sauce, or fish. Unlike industrial pasta, the texture of Colomba pasta makes all the difference, making it an exceptional product. Taste it and you will see!

Casarecci" pasta with scrubland flavors

Thyme, rosemary, basil, marjoram and savory flavors. Corsican mixture, subtle, soft and aromatic perfume with character.

Pasta "Castagnioli" with chestnut flour

At the same time soft, sweet and nourishing, chestnut flour is excellent.

Pasta, yes... But of character...

Real institution since 1986, the Colomba company is specialized in the manufacture and sale of pasta in various shapes. Employing about fifteen employees, this company on a human scale works every day to offer you a quality product. The secret of Colomba's dry pasta production is based on the quality of two ingredients, durum wheat semolina and water. The whole is kneaded for a long time and then embellished with the flavors of the island of beauty.