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Vendetta Knives

Inspired by Italian knives, the "Vendetta Corse" was rehabilitated and was quickly adopted by the islanders. It combines today a design and a contemporary modernity. The Vendetta knife is folding and more slender than its colleague, the "shepherd's knife". It is the most emblematic knife of Corsica.

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The Vendetta, the origin

The so-called "Corsican Vendetta" owes its name to the 16th century "Stylet", a straight and pointed knife, a weapon used for hunting, for attack or defense. Many legends count the use of this knife during family revenge or settling of accounts between thugs: the famous Vendetta.

Around 1870, two traders from Ajaccio, inspired by Italian knives and the history of the "Stylet", invented the knife known as the "Corsican Vendetta". Its handle was decorated with flowers and its blade was engraved with vengeful mottos written in Italian.

And it is only from the 20th century, when tourism really starts in Corsica, that this knife was rehabilitated and became popular. It will be sold to tourists, amateurs and collectors, bringing back with them a piece of Corsican history.

The Berger, a brand

Recognized for making quality knives, the brand "LE BERGER" offers an exclusive range of handmade knives and medium series, all created by Jean-Pierre BARILLET, his wife and daughters. From the rustic shepherd's knife to the wide and robust blade, including the redesigned vendetta knife with a pump locking system, they have prioritized the quality of the materials used and preserved the authenticity of regional knives.