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Canistrelli Corsica / Biscuits

Discover the canistrelli, those delicious Corsican biscuits that can be found on every table. You will appreciate them during a moment of relaxation, at coffee, tea, hot chocolate or dessert time. This crispy biscuit will seduce the most greedy, so treat yourself! ... or treat yourself! Choose and send your order with unique flavours to whomever and wherever you want! That's not great!

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The AFA cookie factory, an institution in Corsica!

From a recognized family know-how, the notoriety of this Corsican cookie is not to be made any more, 34 years of experience for your only pleasure! Canistrelli are made according to a traditional recipe without palm oil, without coloring agents and without preservatives, using local ingredients and if possible labeled. Otherwise, he selects suppliers and quality raw materials from the best regions. It is therefore for their history, the quality of their products, their ethics and their commitment that we have chosen to offer you these Corsican canistrelli.