Shepherd's Knives

The shepherd's knife was once essential to the daily life of Corsican shepherds, but not only that, all men had their own knives for everyday work. At the same time reliable, aesthetic and very useful, our shepherd's knives are equipped with a beautiful steel or carbon blade and a horn, wood or synthetic handle.

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The Corsican shepherd and his knife

The life of the Corsican shepherds was formerly punctuated by 2 annual transhumances: the summer towards the mountains and the winter towards the plains in order to offer all year long grass to the herds. Between the surveillance and the milking of the herds, the making and the maturing of the cheese, there is nothing like a good rustic, massive and robust Corsican shepherd's knife to accompany their daily life. Today, the majority of the farms have settled down, but some shepherds have chosen, often by passion, to perpetuate these traditions.

The Shepherd, a brand

Recognized for making quality knives, the "LE BERGER" brand offers an exclusive range of handmade and medium-sized knives, all created by Jean-Pierre BARILLET, his wife and his daughters. From the rustic shepherd's knife to the wide and robust blade, including the redesigned vendetta knife with a pump locking system, they have prioritized the quality of the materials used and preserved the authenticity of regional knives.