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Aperitifs / Liquors Corsica

Before lunch or in the evening, we can start taking the aperitif, nothing will prevent us from refreshing ourselves in these hot summer days! And it's a good thing, it so happens that in Corsica the aperitif is a very appreciated moment of relaxation and conviviality, often accompanied by cold meats and cheese. And I'm convinced of it! Whether you are Corsican, German, Italian, Dutch or English, who doesn't like to have an aperitif with friends or family? So we will find without delay the different Cap Corse and liquors of our island of beauty.

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Our Corsican liqueurs of the Orsini domain

Resulting from an artisanal manufacture in Calenzana in High Corsica, the Orsini liqueurs are resulting from very old recipes, elaborated on the basis of several varieties of fruits and berries, their flavours are indisputable. The Domaine Orsini has obtained 4 medals at the Concours Général Agricole Paris 2018.

The Cap Corse L.N.Mattei, an emblematic aperitif

Developed in 1872 by Louis-Napoléon Mattei, the Cap Corse (white or red) is an aperitif aged in oak barrels made from muscatel from Capicursu, macerated oranges, maquis plants and cinchona. This Corsican alcohol was sold all over the world and was found in all the bars, there were a lot of derivative products (ashtrays, card games, jugs...). It is only 29 years later, in 1901, that the Cap Corse Damiani made its appearance, elaborated by Simon Damiani. Very quickly, he launched the first Corsican pastis: the Pastis Dami, then a few years later, liqueurs of cedrat, liqueurs of myrtle, liqueurs of chestnut... etc. All remarkably delicious.