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Corsican honeys (PDO/AOC)

The richness of Corsica's flora makes it possible to create quality honey with a wide variety of aromas. You will find on our shop spring honey, summer honey, AOC scrubland honey, AOC / AOP chestnut honey... Les miels de Corse is one of the only honeys to have a protected designation of origin in France.

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Corsica Beekeeping

Although there are traces of peasant beekeeping practices in Corsica dating back to antiquity, this human nurturing activity was almost abandoned at the end of the Second World War. Farmers organized themselves from 1976, asking for and obtaining a commercial preservation of the appellation of origin, for their honey production. Authentic flavors, from the most bitter to the sweetest, which take us on a journey from seaside orchards to mountain chestnut trees and the Corsican maquis.

The varieties of the "Mele di Corsica".

Corsica has 6 different varieties of honey corresponding to the harvest seasons, enough to enjoy quality honey all year round.

Spring Honey

A clear, sweet and fruity honey, without acidity nor bitterness, it is resulting from flowers and fruit trees of the Corsican countryside (asphodels, thistles, clementines, mimosas, rosehips...).

Honey of Maquis of Spring

An amber and dark honey of medium intensity, a smell of coconut and liquorice and a taste with hints of cocoa and caramel. It comes from plants of the coast and the Corsican mountains (white heather, maritime lavender, broom...).

Honey of Maquis d'Eté

A clear, sweet and fruity honey, without acidity nor bitterness, it is resulting from the perennial and aromatic plants of the high valleys of the Corsican mountains (anthyllis, Italian helichryses, thyme, broom, marine germandrée...).

Autumn Scrubland Honey

An amber honey, woody and bitter, creamy and of strong intensity, it comes from small trees and plants of the Corsican coast and mountains (strawberry trees, ivy, odontia lutea, viscous inula, sarsaparilla...).

Honeydew of the scrubland

An amber honey, full-bodied, malty and persistent, a taste with hints of caramel, liquorice and fruit. It comes from cistacias from the coast, from the scrubland of medium mountains and wooded areas. (mastic pistachio, oak, calico, eucalyptus...).

Chestnut tree honey

An amber honey, typified and bitter of strong intensity, it comes from the chestnut trees and plants of the Corsican mountains. (anthyllis, clematis, broom, marjoram, brambles).