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Armelle and Dominique Sialelli created the first Corsican Brewery in 1996. Beyond having made beer in Corsica, they elaborated "the Corsican beer", the first beer in the world brewed with a mixture of chestnut flour and barley malt. What was a successful challenge, after having elaborated new recipes, the beers of the Pietra Brewery are today exported all over the world.

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The beers of the Pietra Brewery

Symbol of the Island of Beauty, the Pietra Brewery has seven different beers, all as original as each other. After selections, we present you the most popular ones:


Amber beer flavored with Chestnut, intense, dense and unctuous foam, notes of honey. Alc.6°vol.

Pietra Bionda

Blonde beer flavored with Chestnut, creamy foam, subtle intensity and light bitterness. Alc.5,5°vol.


White beer flavored with maquis herbs, persistent foam, spicy aromas with citrus notes. Alc.5°vol.


Blonde beer 100% pure malt, clear and airy foam, subtle intensity and refined character. Very thirst-quenching. Alc.5°vol.

The art of tasting

As the good wine, the good beers let escape aromas, colors and different tastes. But how to taste a Corsican beer?

  1. The beer must be at the right temperature, 6°C for blond/white beers and 10°C for brown/amber beers.
  2. Choose a beer glass, its shape plays a role in the diffusion of the aromas.
  3. Rinse the glass with cold water to prevent the bubbles from sticking to the impurities on the wall.
  4. Pace e Salute!