Corsican cakes

The Corsican cake, soft and delicate, so simple but so comforting. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to have the know-how to sublimate the simplicity, a thing that Corsica knows how to make with brilliance. Declined in several flavors, the Corsican cakes proposed were chosen among the best of Corsica. Discover the cake with the Corsican chestnut flour, the honey PDO or the cake with figs and walnuts... Enjoy!

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The cakes of Corsica

In true popular tradition, the Corsican cake represents one of the flagship products of Corsican families. Tasted at the time of the moments of festivals: Christmas, Easter, marriages, baptisms and birthdays, the Corsican cake is a heritage transmitted from generation to generation.

In order to make it clearer, here is a non-exhaustive list of the most tasty Corsican cakes:

1. The fiadone : a cake made of eggs, sugar, lemon, brocciu and brandy.

2. The chestnut flan: a dessert made with milk, sugar, eggs and chestnut flour.

3. Chestnut flour cake: made mainly of eggs, sugar, hazelnut and chestnut flour.

4. Panzarottu: a doughnut made of eggs, chickpea and wheat flour, water, sugar and orange blossom water.

5. The ambrucciata: The ambrucciata is the cousin of the Fiadone! They are very similar but the ambrucciata is more crunchy with its shortbread dough.

6. The pastizzu : Corsican dessert made with eggs, stale bread, milk, fresh cream, butter, vanilla, lemon and sugar.