Organic 3-citrus jam


Artisanal Corsican jam, cooked in a cauldron.
Product of organic farming
net weight: 360g


Corsican Extra 3-Citrus Jam cooked in a cauldron

Ingredients: orange*, lemon*, pomelo*, brown cane sugar*,
fruit pectin if necessary.
* : From organic farming

Prepared with 60g of fruit per 100g
Total sugar content 56g per 100g

Corsica boasts exceptional biodiversity and terroir.
At the heart of the island lies the Castagniccia region. This mountainous region, with its fertile soil and rich waterways, has given us products that are renowned and sought-after even beyond Corsica's borders.
This family-run business, heir to several centuries of culinary tradition, now offers you the chance to discover the island's best specialties through its "Stella" products