Corsican Orange Jams

The Corsican orange jam is made according to the Corsican know-how and from Corsican orange, which makes it one of the best in the world. Sweet, fruity, with or without bitterness, the fruits used to realize these jams are selected among the most beautiful and the most ripe in order to restore this unique taste and to obtain an orange jam of exception.

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  • Organic 3-citrus jam


    Artisanal Corsican jam, cooked in a cauldron.
    Product of organic farming
    net weight: 360g

Delicious ways to enjoy it

Orange jam can be eaten on good bread or on country bread and semi-salted butter. You can also add it to your cakes / chocolate chip cakes or just brush it on when you get out of the oven. You can also add it to your vinaigrettes and flavour your dairy products. There is no rule set in stone, just enjoy!

The sun, the orange and the jam

As you must know, the climate is the key to obtaining an exceptionally rich fruit flavor, and the variety used to make a jam will have a gustatory impact. This is why Corsica is recognized throughout the world, not only for its know-how and tradition, but also for the quality of its products. The orange jam made by our enthusiasts is the assurance of an authentic product certified by the islanders.

The oranges of Corsica

In Corsica, oranges come in three varieties: the navel, the Salustiana and the late navel. The climate of Corsica allows oranges to develop in an ideal environment, we have a rich land, a radiant sun and a mild winter. In addition, the Corsican producers have for the most part a system of agricultural production reasoned and increasingly organic. This, of course, bears fruit, because Corsican oranges are of high quality, sweet and fruity, in other words, they are excellent.