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Jams of Corsican Fig

Fig jam, whether whole, white, prickly pear, walnut, hazelnut or pine nut jam, is simply a delight for the taste buds. As sweet as tasty, the jam of Corsican figs is the guarantee of a magnificent breakfast with the flavours of the south. The fruits used to make these jams are selected among the most beautiful and the most ripe in order to restore this unique taste and to obtain a jam of figs of exception.

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Delicious ways to enjoy it

Fig jam is generally eaten like any other jam, for breakfast, as a snack, on a slice of bread, with yogurt or on pancakes... It is also an excellent choice to taste your foie gras, goat cheese or sheep cheese. It also goes very well with white meat, I tested a recipe of chicken with fig jam, it is a delight!

The sun, the fig and the jam

As you must know, the climate is the key to obtain an exceptionally rich fruit flavor, moreover, the variety used when making a jam will have a gustatory impact. This is why Corsica is recognized throughout the world, not only for its know-how and tradition but also for the quality of its products. The jam of figs realized by our passionate persons, I named Charles Antona and Tony Orsini, is the insurance of an authentic product certified by the islanders.