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Jams of Cedrat Corse

Hmmm! A good cedrat jam for breakfast ! Would you like that? A delicate taste, a subtle bitterness, an intense aroma, this jam has everything to surprise you and make you travel under the Corsican sun. The fruits used are selected among the most beautiful and ripe in order to restore this unique taste and to obtain an exceptional cedrat jam.

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But what is the citron?

The citron, fruit of the citron tree, is a famous citrus fruit in Corsica which looks like a big lemon. Contrary to the other fruits, what we particularly like about it is not its pulp but its skin. Indeed, the citron contains only very little pulp and does not produce juice, this fruit is inedible if it is not transformed, one thus uses it mainly in pastry making. Being able to measure up to 20 cm length and to reach a weight of 3 kg, the citron is especially consumed candied, in jam, in fruit pastes or in liqueur. The Corsican citron is known to be sweeter (less acid) than its congeners.

Delicious ways to taste it

The citron jam is generally tasted on a generous slice of toast for breakfast. Yes, but not only! It can be enjoyed as a dessert, for example, with vanilla ice cream, plain yogurt or cheesecake. You can also use it to make pastries, pie shells, muffins and cake toppings. I would add that the association of Corsican cheese (ewe or goat) and citron jam is a pleasure for my taste buds, but that is personal.

The sun, the citron and the jam

As you may know, the climate is the key to obtaining an exceptionally rich fruit flavor, and the variety used in the making of a jam will have a gustatory impact. This is why Corsica is recognized throughout the world, not only for its know-how and tradition but also for the quality of its products. The citron jam made by our enthusiasts, I named Charles Antona and Tony Orsini, is the assurance of an authentic product certified by the islanders.