Jams and Jellies of Arbouse Corsica

Whether it's jam or arbutus jelly, it's a true delight with a subtle, delicate and sweet taste. Some people prefer jelly to jam because they don't like the little seeds of the arbutus. In any case, jars of arbutus jelly or jam disappear very quickly at home, so do not leave the jar on the table with your back to the children as they love it. The fruits used to make these jams are selected among the most beautiful and ripe in order to restore this unique taste and to obtain an exceptional jelly or arbutus jam.

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Delicious ways to enjoy it

The Corsican Arbouse jam or jelly is usually eaten for breakfast on a generous slice of soft cake, a brioche or on fresh or toasted country bread. It can also be eaten as a snack, with pancakes or French toast, but in moderation. There are even many recipes for cakes using jam as an ingredient. After obviously these are some ideas, everything is possible with jelly or jam of arbouse, as long as you enjoy it. To finish on the tasting, I advise you to try with Corsican cheese (goat or ewe), a very good discovery for me.

The sun, the arbouse and the jam

As you must know, the climate is the key to obtain an exceptionally rich fruit flavor, moreover, the variety used when making a jam will have a gustatory impact. This is why Corsica is recognized throughout the world, not only for its know-how and tradition but also for the quality of its products. The jelly or the jam of arbouse realized by our passionate, I named Charles Antona, is the insurance of an authentic product certified by the islanders.

The arbouse, the fruit of the strawberry tree

The arbouse, fruit of the strawberry tree, is a pretty berry famous in Corsica, it clearly resembles a strawberry or lychee by its shape, size, color and its small tips. Its flesh is soft and floury and contains many small seeds. Arbutus is eaten raw, cooked or fermented. It has a sweet and slightly acid taste, but for lack of power in mouth it is rather consumed transformed and mainly in jam or jelly. To know that the arbutus is excellent for health, it is an antioxidant fruit and rich in vitamin C.