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A little myrtle? Please don't say no! Now that you're here, you could use a little digestive anyway! Yes, welcome to Corsica, where myrtle liquor is in the spotlight at the end of the meal. Much more than a tradition, myrtle liquor is one of the indispensable digestives of Corsican tables. It is a liquor with fruity and perfumed aromas which ends with an astringent note at the end of the mouth. It is generally drunk chilled or iced, as a digestive or aperitif.

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But what is myrtle?

Myrtle is a shrub common in Mediterranean regions, its berries are purple and its leaves have a smell similar to rosemary, perfect for flavoring dishes.

The myrtle liqueur of the Orsini estate

Very fruity, authentic and delicate, the myrtle liqueur of the Orsini estate surprises by its incomparable taste. Made from myrtle berries picked on the hillsides of Calenzana (Corsica), it is elaborated by hand according to ancient recipes still as original as ever.

Orsini's Corsican myrtle liqueur is the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration work. Let us recall that the domain has already received several medals at the agricultural competition of Paris and is now part of the best producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

A family liqueur

Myrtle liqueur has a long tradition in Corsica. Since the 19th century, Corsican families have been making their own myrtle liqueur for personal consumption, hence the variety of techniques used. However the ingredients remain the same, water, brandy in which the berries were macerated by adding sugar and/or honey.