Corsican Chestnut Liquors

Chestnut liquor is an essential drink on our island of beauty. If you like chestnut and liquor, you will melt with pleasure! Delicate and sweet at the same time, it is very appreciated in aperitifs, cocktails and in the making of desserts.

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Tasting ideas

Chestnut liqueur can be drunk neat, directly over ice in a liqueur glass. You can also add a small dose to your glass of white wine or your glass of champagne. Concerning cocktails, there is one that I particularly like, it is a mixture of chestnut liqueur, vodka, apricot cream, lemon juice and cherry, it is a delight! It also goes perfectly with the apple flavor so don't hesitate to use it in pastry. A last advice, try the pancakes with flour and chestnut liquor, I will not say more.

The liqueur of chestnut of the Orsini domain

Fruity, sweet and delicate, the liqueur of chestnut of the Orsini domain surprises by subtle and intense perfume. Made from Corsican chestnuts, it is elaborated by hand in Calenzana according to old recipes always as original. The Orsini Corsican chestnut liqueur is therefore the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration work. Let us recall that the domain has already received several medals at the agricultural competition of Paris and is now part of the best producers of Corsican wines and liquors.

The chestnut and Corsica

According to a famous Corsican proverb, it is said: "A chì un ni hà, un ni mangna. Sé tu voli a farina Va à coglia a castagna" / "He who has nothing does not eat. If you want flour, go pick chestnuts". Indeed, the chestnut has been for a long time the basic food of the Corsican people, commonly called "the breadfruit tree", Pasquale Paoli said it himself: "As long as we have chestnuts, we will have bread".