Corsican Arbouse Liqueur

Discover Corsican Arbouse Liqueur, a delicious authentic drink that captures the spirit of Corsica in every sip. Carefully selected and hand-harvested on the island of beauty, this liqueur offers a unique taste experience.

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Tasting ideas

Whether you choose to enjoy our Corsican arbouse liqueur neat, on the rocks or as an ingredient in creative cocktails, it's sure to surprise and delight on every occasion. It goes perfectly with other Mediterranean flavors, such as honey, lemon or even dark chocolate.

Domaine Orsini arbouse liqueur

Fruity, sweet and well-balanced, Domaine Orsini's Corsican citron liqueur surprises with its fragrance and aromas. Made from the berries of Corsican arbutus trees, it is handcrafted in Calenzana according to ancient recipes that are as original as ever.

Orsini arbutus liqueur is the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and a long maceration process. The estate has already won several medals at the Concours Agricole de Paris, and is now one of the top producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

Arbutus and Corsica

In Corsica, the arbutus is an emblematic element of the local vegetation. It is generally found in the island's mountainous regions, where it grows in scrubland and holm oak forests. Arbouses are small, rounded strawberry-like fruits, orange-red in color.

They are edible and have a sweet, slightly tart flavor. Traditionally, they are used to make jams, jellies, liqueurs and syrups. In addition to its culinary uses, arbutus also has medicinal properties. It is considered a diuretic, astringent and tonic.