Limoncello Corsica (Limoncellu) Lemon Liqueurs

The limoncello Corsica, a lemon liqueur, a taste of summer, an aromatic freshness coming straight from the island of beauty. If you like the real limoncello, you are at the right place, artisanal and natural, it will seduce you by its sweetness and its quality.

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Tasting ideas

In Corsica, good dinners often end with a limoncello, but it can also be served as an aperitif, there is of course no rule set in stone. It can be drunk neat, on ice or straight from the freezer. Limoncello is often used to accompany desserts, such as sorbets or fruit salads.

The lemon liqueur of the Orsini estate

Originally from Italy, the Corsican lemon liqueur from the Orsini estate surprises with its even more intense flavor. Made from yellow Corsican lemon peels, it is elaborated in Calenzana according to old recipes still as original as ever. The Orsini limoncello is therefore the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration work. Let us recall that the domain has already received several medals at the agricultural contest of Paris and is now part of the best producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

The lemon and Corsica

The Corsican lemon is a Eureka, a variety introduced in the 18th century from California. It has a rough, thick, fragrant skin and has a juicy pulp containing few seeds. Used in many recipes as a condiment, whether sliced, in freshly squeezed juice or for its zest, the Corsican lemon is of exceptional quality. Moreover, well known for its antioxidant properties, it is a natural preservative.