Liquors of Cedrat Corsica (Cédratine)

Liquor of cedrat Corse or Cédratine is a delicious liquor with a delicate taste combining subtly sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Indeed, artisanal and natural, this liquor will seduce you by its smoothness and its aromas, an originality elaborated by the Corsican producers.

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But what is the cedrat

The cedrat, fruit of the cedrat tree, is a famous citrus fruit in Corsica which looks like a big lemon. Contrary to the other fruits, what we particularly like about it is not its pulp, but its skin. Indeed, the cedrat contains only very little pulp and does not produce juice, this fruit is inedible if it is not transformed, one thus uses it mainly in pastry making. Being able to measure up to 20 cm length and to reach a weight of 3 kg, the cedrat is especially consumed candied, in jam, in fruit pastes or in liqueur. To know that the Corsican cedrat is known to be softer (less acid) than its congeners.

The liqueur of cedrat of the domain Orsini

Fruity, soft and balanced, the liqueur of cedrat Corsica of the Orsini domain surprises by its perfume and its flavours. Made from the zest of Corsican cedrat, it is elaborated artisanally in Calenzana according to old recipes always as original. The Orsini cedrat liqueur is therefore the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration work. Let us recall that the domain has already received several medals at the agricultural contest of Paris and is now part of the best producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

A family liqueur

Just like myrtle liqueur, Corsican families produce their own cedrat liqueur, a local specialty also known as Cédratine. Produced in the past by monks, it is prepared from brandy, sugar, cedrats and natural plant extracts.