Corsican Fig Liquors

The Corsican fig liquor is sweet, fruity and fragrant. It is elaborated from fruits from old recipes. Appreciated by the lovers of Corsica, it will make the happiness of the most subtle palates. It is generally drunk fresh or iced, as a digestive or as an aperitif.

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The liqueur of fig of the domain Orsini

The Corsican fig liqueur of the Orsini domain surprises by its perfume and its aromas. Made from beautiful figs, it is crafted in Calenzana according to old recipes still as original.

The Orsini fig liqueur is the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration work. Let us recall that the domain has already received several medals at the agricultural competition of Paris and is now part of the best producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

The Corsican fig

In Corsica, the fig is as emblematic as the vine. An old island tradition wants the vines to be surrounded by either fig trees or olive trees. However, the fig is not a fruit so much cultivated, compared to the clementine or the kiwi. On the other hand, you can find them on the stands at the end of the summer, beautiful figs for all sorts of preparations.

They are eaten fresh or dried, served at the beginning or end of the meal. Tasty and full of vitamins, it was once said: "pane biancu e fichi maturi, ch'ella dura" literally "white bread and ripe figs, which lasts. The fig as the chestnut to its history on the island of beauty, more discreet, many families still remember it today.