Cap Corse Mattei

Cap Corse Mattei, the island's legendary aperitif, is an elegant and delicate wine, a subtle balance between bitterness and sweetness of the maquis. The recipe of this wine is of course secretly kept, it is elaborated from Corsican mistelle, oranges, aromatic plants and cinchona. If you have never had the opportunity to taste it, this is the perfect occasion, the authentic Cap Corse Mattei will be on its way to your home tomorrow morning.

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To taste the Cap Corse Mattei

It is to be tasted dry or on ice with a zest of orange for the red or lemon for the white. This is how this aperitif will reveal all its aromas. It is also possible to make the famous Capo'Spritz cocktail, a mixture of red or white Cap Corse Mattei, sparkling muscatel and a slice of orange or lemon.

About Cap Corse Mattei

An emblematic product of the MATTEI brand, Cap Corse was created in 1872 by Louis-Napoléon Mattei. This colonial period was profitable for him because he could easily export his products on the international markets. Louis-Napoléon Mattei died in 1907, the company was then developed by his nephew François Mattei.

He created a multitude of advertising objects bearing the effigy of the Cap Corse Mattei that we all know (ashtrays, card games, jugs...). He continued his rise by placing his product on different communication media, notably in the film César by Marcel Pagnol in 1936. François Mattei died in 1967. The company went bankrupt in 1977 and after liquidation it was taken over in 1981 by SOVICAP.

In 2016, 3 Corsican entrepreneurs bought the brand and created "La Distillerie". Already awarded many times in the past, in 2017, L.N. Mattei is again rewarded for the excellence of Cap Corse Mattei. It was selected by a panel of internationally renowned mixologists to be among the 100 best innovations of the year. The return of Cap Corse Mattei on the international scene is under the best auspices. The reconquest is on its way!