Corsican Clementine Liquor

Let yourself be seduced by the captivating essence of Corsican clementine liqueur. This exceptional liqueur is the fruit of ancestral know-how and a rigorous selection of the finest Corsican clementines. It's the ideal liqueur to enhance your tasting moments.

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Tasting ideas

Whether as an aperitif, digestif or to enhance your cocktails, it will amaze your guests and add a touch of elegance to your evenings. Its fruity, refreshing taste is also perfect with desserts, dark chocolate, fresh fruit and mature cheeses.

Domaine Orsini citron liqueur

Fruity, sweet and well-balanced, Domaine Orsini's Corsican clementine liqueur surprises with its fragrance and aromas. Made from Corsican clementine zest, it is handcrafted in Calenzana according to ancient recipes that are as original as ever.

Orsini's clementine liqueur is therefore the result of the quality of a land, a passion and a tradition... and of a long maceration process. The estate has already won several medals at the Concours Agricole de Paris, and is now one of the top producers of Corsican wines and liqueurs.

Clementines and Corsica

Clementines have been grown in Corsica for over a century. The island's favorable climatic conditions, with generous sunshine, a Mediterranean climate and soils suitable for cultivation, provide an ideal environment for growing clementines.

Many Corsican farmers cultivate these fruits with passion, perpetuating traditional growing methods handed down from generation to generation. They ensure that the clementines are harvested by hand when ripe, to preserve their optimum freshness and flavor.

The Corsican Clementine is therefore a fruit of exceptional quality, appreciated for its sweet taste, juicy flesh and ease of peeling. It is distinguished by its unique, slightly acidic flavor, which gives it a distinct personality. Corsican clementines are often considered among the best in the world in terms of taste and quality.