Gorges of Tavignano (Corte)

By: Dino Menicucci In: Corte Corsica On: Hit: 7712

The Tavignano gorges are located in the heart of the Cortenais massif, one of the most beautiful valleys of the island of beauty.

Here you can find rare and protected species of animals, a unique flora and fauna, one of the most remarkable natural sites in the European Union. Well known by hikers, the high valley of the Tavignano (between Corte and Lake Nino) can only be reached by horseback or on foot, making it a calm and peaceful place. You will have understood it, the Tavignano gorges conceal many beautiful landscapes, a nature in the wild state, at the same time surprising and soothing. I tell you no more and invite you to come and discover this emblematic place of Corsica.

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The Tavignano : the longest in Corsica after the Golo.

The Tavignano is a river that originates near Lake Nino (1743 m above sea level) and extends for 89 km before joining the Tyrrhenian Sea. Just like the Restonica, the Tavignano offers beautiful days of swimming at the foot of the waterfalls with magnificent water. If you are looking for thrills, we recommend the black lake (Lavu Niellu) where it is possible to make jumps up to 14m high. Be careful not to hurt yourself while jumping!

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Hiking in the gorges of Tavignano (Rossulinu footbridge)

Less known than the Restonica, the hike in the Tavignano gorge starts from Corte, it is less touristic and advantageous if you stay in the city. Like all hikes, equip yourself as well as possible in order not to have any surprise during the trip, the heart of the Corsican mountains remains accessible but wild. If you wish to hike in the Tavignano gorges, it is strongly advised to go through the footbridge of Rossulinu, we therefore recommend the Visorando application (Links at the end of the article). Be careful though, this hike can be difficult for some people. Always be careful and far-sighted when hiking.

Departure: Corte
Average duration: 6h15
Distance: ≈16km
Difficulty: Medium
District : Corte (20250)

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Visorando application recommended

The Visorando application allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a hiking GPS.

Finally I wish you a good day or evening and invite you to come and discover Corte. Don't forget to visit us at 5 Place Paoli 20250 Corte. And for the most impatient lovers of Corsica, our online store offers many Corsican products made in the respect of tradition. Enjoy your visit! CorseBoutique, the best of Corsica. Thanks to all!


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