Corte : A City Not to be missed in Corsica

Corte is a beautiful and warm city in the center of Corsica. With more than 7000 inhabitants and 4700 students, Corte has kept its authentic character while bringing a fresh and dynamic atmosphere. Ideally located in the heart of the mountains and not far from the sea, Corte is the ideal place to practice many outdoor, cultural and sports activities such as hiking, trail riding, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, climbing or sea walks.

You will enjoy strolling in the narrow streets of the city, where you will find many places to visit such as "the citadel of Corte", "the museum of Corsica", "the belvedere" and "the chapel Sainte-Croix" ... Corte is also a place famous for its gastronomy and its animations, in particular on the Paoli and Gaffori square, where you will find many bars and restaurants. Between tradition and modernity, this city offers an exceptional quality of life.

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Historical and cultural capital of Corsica

Corte is a city that dates back to antiquity, unlike the fortress cities of Corsica, this one is not located on the seaside, but in the heart of the land, at equal distance from Bastia and Ajaccio. Ideally placed, it was, since its origin, the object of many covetousness on behalf of the successive occupants of the island. As a result, Corte, center of resistance to all oppressions, has been struck by many wars. Pascal Paoli, a historical figure, made Corte the political capital of independent Corsica from 1755 to 1769, he had a University built to train Corsican youth, a mint and a national printing house. It is only under the occupation of Louis XV (1769) that Corte lost its status. Thus until the 20th century, the city had to be satisfied with being a sub-prefecture, a military place and a garrison town. However, since 1981, the establishment of the University of Corsica, the Grand Musée de la Corse and a few other official bodies have allowed the town to develop.