What to do in the city of Corte? Top Guide

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Corte, the city seen from the inside by CorseBoutique. Discover the historical and cultural capital of Corsica.

The top 10 things to do in Corte

1. The Citadel of Corte

Perched above the city, the citadel of Corte nicknamed "eagle's nest" offers a magnificent view of the Restonica and Tavignano valleys. The visit of the Citadel is a must and is done through the Musée de la Corse (art and history museum and regional museum of anthropology of Corsica).

2. The belvedere

Just to the left of the citadel, the belvedere, an admirable 360° viewpoint overlooking the Restonica and Tavignano valleys.

3. Heritage trails

If you want to travel to the heart of Corsica's history, discover its heritage and its green environment, it's time to put on your sneakers. Open to all, count 1 hour of walk on 2 km. On the way, you will see chestnut fences and gates, calades made of pebbles or local stones, fountains, wash houses, mills... it's really very beautiful. You will also pass by the Genoese bridge and a little further on to finish in beauty, you will finally arrive at the "Palazzu Naziunale", the Church of the Annunciation and back to the belvedere

4. The Holy Cross Chapel

Historical monuments dating from the 17th century, this chapel features beautiful architecture, majestic decorations and superb paintings, all against a musical backdrop.

5. The Gaffory square

A very lively square, with some bars and restaurants, where the famous bronze statue of "Gian Pietro Gaffory" was erected.

6. The fountain of the 4 cannons

A fountain completed in 1778, fed by a spring on the right bank of the Orta, was intended to supply the garrison with water.

7. Joseph Bonaparte's Birthplace

At 100 meters from the fountain of the 4 cannons, the birth house of Joseph Bonaparte, nothing extraordinary, but interesting for the history and to take some pictures.

8. The courtyard and the Paoli square

The Paoli square that opens the Paoli course, which is the commercial artery of the city with many shops (bank, store, bar, tobacconist's, restaurant, pharmacy, bakery, pastry store...). Whether for a coffee in the morning, an ice cream in the afternoon or an aperitif with friends, it is the ideal place.

9. The Restonica Gorge - Lake Melo - Lake Capitello

One of the most beautiful valleys in Corsica, exceptional flora and fauna, magnificent cliffs and refreshing swims. Open to all, count 4h30 of ballade on approximately 7 km.

Departure : Bergerie de Grotelle / For more information, see our article on the Restonica gorges.

10. The gorges of Tavignano and the Rossolinu Footbridge

The Tavignano Valley is also one of the most beautiful valleys of the Corsican mountains. In summer, it is less frequented than the Restonica. If you wish to venture there, this hike offers many bathing spots in a green universe. Open to all, count 6h30 of ballade on 16 km approximately.

Departure: Corte / For more information, see our article on the Tavignano gorges.

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Hotels in Corte

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Restaurants in Corte

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