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Corsican panzarotti recipe: traditional doughnuts

Published 2019-09-02 14:18:11
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Corsican panzarotti recipe: traditional doughnuts

Hello everyone, today Corsica Boutique takes you to Bastia on March 19 for St. Joseph's Day (San Ghjisè). A symbolic celebration where several thousand people march throughout the day. After the various masses, this event continues in the streets of the city and gives rise to the tasting of the famous "panzarotti", succulent Corsican donuts (children love it). If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate to go there, it's great! While waiting for the celebration to begin, we are delighted to share with you the recipe for panzarotti with chickpea and wheat flour! A traditional Corsican dessert that you must absolutely taste!

Feel free to leave a comment and share your photos on facebook. Buon appetitu !
Ingredients for 6 people

    250g chickpea flour
    120cl of slightly salty water
    400g of wheat flour
    100g powdered sugar
    4 eggs
    1 sachet of baking powder
    1 sachet of vanilla sugar (optional)
    1 tablespoon orange blossom water (optional)
    1 small glass of brandy
    Frying oil
    Powdered sugar for coating

Preparation of panzarotti

(Total time: 5h30 = Preparation: 1h + Rest time: 4h + Cooking: 30 min)

    Step 1 :

    In a saucepan, simmer the slightly salted water.
    Step 2 :

    Add and dilute the chickpea flour by mixing the mixture vigorously for about 20 minutes.

    Step 3 :

    Pour the preparation into a bowl and let it cool down for 1 hour (or overnight in the refrigerator for better absorption).

    Step 4 :

    Then pass the preparation with a grinder to avoid lumps.

    Step 5 :

    In a bowl, add the preparation, sugar, eggs and stir once.

    Step 6 :

    Add the brandy, wheat flour and baking powder and stir a second time to obtain a homogeneous panzarotti dough.
    Step 7 :

    Let the dough rest for 3 hours.
    Step 8 :

    Heat the fryer or oil in a pan and prepare a large glass of salted water.
    Step 9 :

    Soak a tablespoon in salted water (to avoid that its glue), shape a small ball of dough and put it in the oil. Repeat the operation for each ball of dough.
    Step 10 :

    Let the panzarotti fry until they are golden brown. Using a skimmer, take them out and place them in a dish lined with powdered sugar.
    Step 11 :

    Shake the dish to coat them with sugar. And here it is ready!

Tasting session

I recommend that you taste the warm panzarotti. Buon appetitu !

You can store them for 1 to 2 days at room temperature.

Finally, I wish you a good day or a good evening and invite you to come and discover other recipes that are just as delicious. And for those who lack time, do not hesitate to visit our shop of Corsican products, we offer many products manufactured in the respect of tradition. CorseBoutique, the best of Corsica. Thank you all!

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