Canistrelli Lemon

Cookies, cookies, always cookies! Lemon canistrelli, a great classic. Rest assured, finely flavored with lemon, they have no acidity. The art of the Afa cookie factory is to elaborate the best in this field. Appreciated by all, you can't go wrong buying these lemon canistrelli. Enjoy them!

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The lemon of Corsica

In France, lemons are mainly produced in Corsica and Menton and represent 1% of French consumption, or 1700 tons. In Corsica, lemons are cultivated with love in exceptional gardens alongside orange trees and citron trees, which gives them this quality and this taste so subtle.

Some varieties cultivated in Corsica

Eureka: Acid, perfumed and juicy. It is the variety the most consumed in the world. Comes from California.

Adamo: Very acidic, seedless and very juicy. Comes from Italy.

Caviar: Acidic, spicy and fruity. Inside, it is composed of small balls resembling fish eggs. Comes from Australia.

Mexican Lime: Acidic, juicy and very fragrant. Widely cultivated in Mexico, but originates from India.

Tahitian Lime: Sweet, seedless and very juicy. Originates from Asia.

Meyer: Tart, fragrant, less acidic and very juicy. Comes from China.

Poretta: Sweet, fragrant and not very juicy. Comes from America.

Yuzu: Acidic, really fragrant and not very juicy. Cultivated a lot in Japan, but comes from China.