Hazelnut Canistrelli

Discover the delicious Corsican delicacy: hazelnut canistrelli! These crunchy, tasty cookies will amaze your taste buds with their perfect marriage of hazelnut sweetness and crunchy texture. Dive into a world of exquisite flavors with these crunchy cookies from Corsica, revisited in an irresistible gourmet version.

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The crunch of hazelnut

Made according to a traditional recipe handed down from generation to generation, our hazelnut canistrelli are prepared with the finest quality ingredients. Flour, sugar, soft butter and crushed hazelnuts combine harmoniously to create a unique taste experience.

Our hazelnut canistrelli are the ideal companion for your moments of relaxation. Whether as an accompaniment to your morning coffee, for a gourmet break at the office, or to share with friends at a tea party, these cookies will be a hit at every occasion. Their crunchy, crumbly texture also makes them a perfect choice for cookie lovers to dip in their favorite hot drink.

Packaged with care, our hazelnut canistrelli retain all their freshness and flavor until you eat them. So don't wait any longer to discover the authentic taste of Corsica with our hazelnut canistrelli. Order now and let yourself be transported by this delicious culinary experience that will take you to the heart of Corsica.