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Almond Canistrelli

Authentic and delicious almond canistrelli, as crunchy and delicious as it is hard to believe. Cookies that will make you happy during your moments of relaxation around your favorite drink. Appreciated by all, you can't go wrong buying these almond canistrelli. Enjoy them !

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The almonds of Corsica

Corsica remains the first almond producing region of France, 80% of the production with 540 ha cultivated for 70 producers. Corsican almonds breathe and are impregnated with the Corsican soil. They are grown in traditional orchards in Balagne or in modern orchards in Nebbio, but cultivated in a reasoned manner. A Label Rouge guaranteeing the superior quality of these almonds is currently being developed.

Four varieties are grown in Corsica:

Ferragnès: fine and sweet taste

Ferraduel : subtle and aromatic taste

Lauranne / Mandaline : small and appreciated for the realization of pralines