Bracelets Eye of Saint Lucia

When we are looking for a gift or to treat ourselves, we do not necessarily think of the bracelet eye of Saint Lucie, yet there is a wide variety of very original models. Ideal for all occasions: birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, exam, Mother's Day, Father's Day... Don't hesitate any longer! In order to follow the trend, the eye is mounted on silver or steel chain, elastic cord or pearl bracelet. From the most discreet to the most sparkling!

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The bracelet seen from a good eye

Symbol of luck according to the legend, the bracelet eye of Saint Lucia will bring you happiness and will let glimpse your personality and its multiple facets. Essential to your wardrobe, it will fit perfectly with your outfit and your mood of the day, it will enhance your femininity and sensuality.

Right or left side?

Wearing your bracelet on one side or the other is not a trivial matter! Did you know that? If you choose to wear it on the right side, you are probably looking for a protection in the maternal love. On the other hand, if you choose to wear it on the left, you are communicating your attachment to paternal protection. And if you wear more than one on the same wrist, you are probably hiding a big child inside you.