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During your summer or winter hikes, the gourd or the isothermal bottle is an essential. Decorated with the effigy of Corsica, they are stylish and will make very nice gifts. So that you can find the model which corresponds to your needs and your tastes, several models are available.

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Gourd or Bottle ?

The water bottle has a capacity of 50cl, more adapted to an individual use. It can also be used for hot drinks, but it is rather used for cold drinks during sports outings, cycling or running for example.

The bottle often has a larger capacity than the water bottle, but this is not always the case. Its capacity varies from 50cl to 1,5L in order to adapt to your needs. It is used for hot and cold. You can find it during hikes, trips to the beach or at work, during lunch breaks.

3 tips for using an isothermal container

1. Put your drink and your open container in the refrigerator the day before you fill it to have a cool drink for longer during the day.

2. Run hot water through your container before pouring in your hot beverage so that the temperature does not drop too much when filling.

3. Close the cap quickly each time you open it to avoid losing heat.