Corsica Home Perfumes (auto-diffuser)

The Corsican home fragrance is ideal to take care and refresh your rooms. In addition to making you travel and to bring an identity to your interior, it will get you a feeling of appeasement and well-being. In order for you to find the home perfume that suits your taste, several fragrances are available.

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To each room its own home fragrance

Each room deserves its own Corsican home fragrance, but it is clear that the bathroom and the living room will not be perfumed in the same way, with fresher scents for one and more relaxing for the other. What is indicated hereafter is personal, it is up to you to make your own experience and to adapt according to your tastes and your feeling.

Sweet and Honey

Seasons: Spring / Summer - Rooms: Entrance / Living room / Dining room


Seasons : Spring / Fall - Rooms: Entrance / Living room / Bedroom / Office


Seasons: Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter - Rooms: Living room / Bedroom / Office

Clementine Flower and Chestnut

Seasons: Autumn / Winter - Rooms: Entrance / Living room / Dining room / Bedroom / Office

Almond Flower

Seasons: Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter - Rooms: Entrance / Bathroom / Toilet


Seasons: Spring / Summer - Rooms: Living room / Dining room / Bedroom / Office