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Looking for a Corsican poster for your home? A vintage advertising or tourist poster? Discover our collection dedicated to Corsica, from the Corsican Grand Prix to the Cap Corse Mattei and the Calanche de Piana. No less than ten posters with the effigy of Corsica to make you travel.

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The Advertising Poster

The poster is basically a temporary advertising medium found in public spaces. One could find, for example, posters of the Corsican natural mineral water "Orezza" or of the aperitif wine with cinchona "Cap Corse Mattei" in the streets of the Corsican cities.

The poster is thus a means of information then by dint of being visually perfected, it becomes a means of expression and an art in its own right. Several museums exhibit vintage posters in the same way as traditional works of art.

Used as a decorative element under the name of "Poster", the Corsican poster is found on the walls of homes to give life to advertisements, shows, highlights, trips, memories ...