Organic chocolate chestnut spread


Chocolate chestnut spread

organic product

net weight: 250g


Chocolate chestnut spread

Ingredients :

chestnut *, brown cane sugar *, dark chocolate chips * (5%), hazelnut cream *, sunflower oil *

prepared with 55g of fruit per 100g.

Total sugar content 60g per 100g.

Keep refrigerated after opening.

Chestnuts are selected from ancient local varieties richest in natural sugar and flavor.
After hand-sorting to remove any damaged fruit, they are peeled by thermal shock and cooked in a cauldron on steam, a technique that respects and preserves their natural flavors. The chocolate chips and hazelnut cream blend harmoniously into the chestnut mass, giving it a much smoother consistency than other chestnut-based jams.

Suggested use: For a gourmet breakfast or dessert, as an accompaniment to vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt.
You can also use it as an ingredient in culinary preparations.