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Of artisanal and natural manufacture, the Corsican soap is with the service of hygiene and the beauty. Made from vegetable oils and Corsican essential oils, it is not toxic, nor chemical, the perfect alliance between tradition and modernity. An unpretentious product which has all its place in the most demanding stores.

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Why a vegetable oil soap?

Vegetable oil (oils, plants, seeds...) is natural and known for its many vitamins and fatty acids, it is moisturizing and nourishing and can even be antioxidant and healing. The texture, lather and properties will depend on the type of vegetable oils used in the manufacturing process.

What about essential oils?

A soap is composed of 2% to 5% of essential oils. Each essential oil is selected according to its benefits to take care of your skin. The smell on your skin is pleasant and soft, however it will be much less powerful and persistent than synthetic perfumes. It is important to know the properties and contraindications of essential oils, so I invite you to learn more on the web.