Cream of Chestnut 350 gr
  • Cream of Chestnut 350 gr

Chestnut cream 350g


Chestnut cream 350g

Corsican jam with cane sugar. 55% Fruit


Corsican jam, Chestnut cream with cane sugar.

Particularly appreciated for its creaminess, the Charles Antona Chestnut Cream is a real delight for your taste buds. The chestnuts selected for this recipe are harvested in the huge orchard of Castagniccia in Upper Corsica, known for the quality of its chestnut groves. You can enjoy it for dessert with white cheese or in verrine for an original tiramisu.

Prepared with 55 g of fruit per 100 g. Total sugar content: 62 g per 100 g. Ingredients: chestnuts, cane sugar 40%, glucose syrup, lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin, natural vanilla extract. Made in a workshop using nuts and milk. Keep cool after opening.

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