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Online catalog to make your purchases of gastronomy of the Corsica soil

Published : 2015-08-19 16:23:33
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Online catalog to make your purchases of gastronomy of the Corsica soil

Full research of gastronomy of the region Corsica that you lived not far from Grenoble or Strasbourg and you
want to know how to find a store on the internet from
products in Corsica for your purchase on the internet's finucchetti bag
200 gr afa or for example a Corsica tomme u pecurinu 600 gr about?
You like wish to make a purchase of Myrtle liqueur 350 ml 24%
Vol. at a low rate, but also a clementine nougat as 100 gr on a
site web e-commerce.

Insofar as you have like desire to select a gastronomy of the region Corsica with for the purpose of a command, go visit the merchant selling Corsica shop. This online catalogue allows to make wine shopping reserve president 75 cl red 12.5% vol. and 450g on the canvas fig jam.
An e-commerce store where to find products of Corsica.

This Corsican regional gastronomy store and finucchetti bag 200 gr afa, edited by Corsica shop which is located in France in the town of Corte (20250), East of the store to a shop dedicated to Corsican products. Gifts, memory and gastronomic products of the island of beauty come together happily for fans of Corsica. High-quality Corsican typical articles are available to the public, simply for fun.

All the details on this online catalogue.

Here is information on some products in the catalog so that you can discover the style of blogs that the company Corse shop allows to buy on the web on this e-commerce store:

-The Corsican calf with olives 600 g contains neither colouring or preservatives. This dish, cooked to the country, is manufactured in a workshop that uses fruit nuts, eggs and milk. The recipe includes a sauce made of water, pink wine AOC, onions, bacon, of tomato, flour of wheat, the olive oil, various spices and herbs, garlic, salt. The Corsican veal stir-fry is found 51% with 7% of green olives. A delight!

-The Finucchetti bag 200 g Afa will accompany your meals. The bread dry and end with anise seed is a handcrafted which guarantees its authenticity. Typical local product, the Finucchetti contains no sugar or fat and thus proves very healthy and easy to digest. Achieved simply by the Afa biscuits with flour, grains of anise, salt and Baker's yeast.

-The Corsica Tomme U PECURINU 600 g is about directed by the Pierucci cheese from pasteurized sheep's milk. Award-winning gold Paris 2012, this Corsica Tomme is one of the most typical dishes of the Corsican gastronomy. His expedition is carried out in an isothermal bag 50%, Mr G.

-Jam of figs is prepared with cane sugar, glucose syrup and includes pectin fruit and lemon juice. The fig, fruit typical of the Mediterranean, has developed in Corsica all its sweetness and its most subtle flavor. Is eaten in the tartine for breakfasts greedy and tonic.

-The Reserve du President 75 cl red 12.5% vol wine is one of the best selections of Niellucciu Grenache. In perfect harmony with the meats and cheeses, this generous red comes from the slopes of Pianiccia and Tallone. Its beautiful Ruby adorns itself with a taste of ripe fruit. The President Reserve wine savoured at a temperature of 16 ° C.

Here are examples of products and articles for its cuisine that you can find for sale on the shelves of the catalogue of this e-commerce store, specializing in selling over the internet of Corsican products, that we display on this page:

Corsica Tomme u pecurinu approximately 600 gr
Liquor Myrtle 350 ml 24% vol.
Nougat clementine as 100 gr

wine reserve president 75 cl red 12.5% vol.
Fig 450g jam
Terrine of the Shepherd brocciu and Mint 85 gr

So, following this article about this e-shop in this guide to buying on the internet, you know where to rent and how to rent Corsica regional cuisine or even a bag 200 gr AFA finucchetti. And a Board, do not wait for a wholesaler offering or so small prices to buy on the web or in Nice what you want: a lemon 250 gr isula afa canistrelli. Don't waste time on the move in a store on Bouaye in order to make a comparison to order a pietra with chestnut or small Christmas gifts, for example a confit chutney onion honey Corsica 110 gr cheap or small new accessories that is for sale (for a loved (including employment, accounting firm assistant or foreman of metallurgy). Since your villa at nearby Bonnœuvre, Blain or Besné, don't wait any longer. For more information on Corsican products, towards Corsica shop. This will be a unique and a great opportunity to have fun at a price really very...
Info about this e-commerce store:

To learn more visit the website of this Corsica shop company:

«What payment systems pay: this shop e-commerce of Corsica tomme u pecurinu 600 gr about provides the regulation of the amount of your order by "cheque (to the order of SARL TOON) 5, place Paoli - BP 13 - 20250 CORTE, credit card (secure online payment by Credit Agricole '» e-transactions" "") transfer bank money ".»

How long for delivery: If you buy this e-commerce site delivery to your office by the command of gastronomy of the region Corsica is done in a very short time by using the tracked service, colissimo Europe for Europe, colissimo international for the USA and this being not far from Châlons-en-Champagne or Nancy.

Delivery abroad: the delivery of this order in Switzerland (e.g. to Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne...) is possible.

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